TOPPTYRICON – Full Movie – Trygg Lindkjolen

Trygg Lindkjolen is back with another Big Mountain Norwegian ski film where he once again composed an all-original heavy metal soundtrack, just like last year’s film, Dimmu Topptur. This crew absolutely gets after it on the west coast of Norway finding playful lines in the trees of Høgevarde, deep pow in Sogndal and charging big, rowdy, steep spring lines in Sunnmøre. We love seeing independent films like this and there’s no doubt that this one will get you fired up to charge.

Location: Høgevarde, Sogndal & Sunnmøre, Norway

Director & Editor: Trygg Lindkjolen

Riders: Trygg Lindkjolen, Emil Leenderts, Henrik Ulleland, Christopher Lange, Jacob wester, with additional appearances by Calum Mcintyre, Severin Welle, and Even Melhus

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