Dimmu Topptur – Trygg Lindkjolen & Christopher Lange

Trygg Lindkjolen and Christoper Lange with an absolute heater of a rock ‘n roll Norwegian Big Mountain short film, Dimmu Topptur. The film primarily features foot-accessed lines in the mountains of western Norway from the past two winters. Trygg and Christopher took on this film as a passion project so they could have full creative control and do things exactly how they wanted. From the filming to the editing, these guys were essentially a two man production team. Even the soundtrack is original and created by Trygg specifically for the film. No story lines here, just these two guys seriously getting after it charging big mountain lines to rock ‘n roll.

Skiers: Trygg Lindkjolen & Christopher Lange

Location: Sogndal & Sunnmøre, Norway

Production: Trygg Lindkjolen & Christopher Lange

Length: 13:30

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