The Mainline Pocket Show – Palisades Tahoe 12/29/23 – Smokebomb Films

Mainline Pocket opened up yesterday, 12/9/23, for the first time this season at Palisades Tahoe and Kadin Harris-Romano aka Smokebomb Films was there to capture the rowdiness that went down. This legendary zone opened after Tahoe received their first major snowfall of the season this past week and, in true Palisades fashion, the locals got after it.

Location: Palisades Tahoe, California

Filming/edit: Kadin Harris-Romano / Smokebomb Productions

Riders: Scott Gaffney, Alex Guiseppe, Ryan Faye, Andy Hayes, Jack Dolan, Josh Gold, Stellan lane, Reinhart Plexico, Dusty Kash, Bryer Chalstrom, Zenin Quinn, Carson McCarron, Mack Winterberger, Mia Jones

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