One Sandwich Short of a Picnic – A Short Film by Sawyer Thomas, Riis Wilbrecht & Zander Kroon from the Montana Backcountry

Sawyer Thomas, Riis Wilbrecht and Zander Kroon spent a month this past February in a cabin in the Montana Backcountry with touring access to rowdy terrain right in their backyard. With a bunch of new snow, some major snowpack instabilities and a good dose of humor, these three get after it day in and day out. They score deep pow, hit cliffs, build booters when the avy danger is high, and charge some really fuckin cool lines; seemingly all to themselves.

Length: 9 mins

Location: Montana

Principal Cinematography and Direction by Zander Kroon

Skiing, Edited & Produced by Sawyer Thomas

Skiing, Edited & Produced by Riis Wilbrecht

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