Jacob Wester absolutely getting after it tacking some of the steepest lines in Sweden last spring. After many years of visiting Riksgränsen, he began to dream and wonder about the steep faces in the distance, ones that were a bit farther away and took a little extra effort to reach. The weather cooperated last spring and produced some of the best freeride conditions in recent memory in the area. Jacob and his wife, Sofia, took advantage of this window and saw it as the perfect time to head a little farther in to the mountains and set up camp in order to explore, ski and film these gorgeous and rarely, if ever, skied lines.

A couple highlights have to be the fucking MASSIVE transfer air at 4:37 and the shit-your-pants-steep gem of a line at 7:44, reminiscent of something out of Chamonix. All skied with such fluidity and grace, especially impressive due to the serious exposure involved in many of the lines. The cinematography, music and editing really tie this one together. Swedish big mountain skiing at its finest and an instant favorite of ours.

Length: 11 mins

Skier: Jacob Wester

Cinematography & Editing: Sofia Sjöberg

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