North of Now – Sammy Carlson

Sammy Carlson continuing to absolutely get after it. Year after year, always striving to improve his craft. His passion is palpable, his fluidity and energy unmatched. He’s has been a favorite skier of mine to watch since his breakout segment in Poor Boyz Productions’ 2005 movie, ‘War’. G Code baby!

He stuck close to home last season and ticked off rowdy lines and bountiful zones around British Columbia, bringing his freestyle flair to the big mountains. His style of skiing coupled with the cinematography and editing make this project a true work of art and one of the best pieces to come out this season. Watch on a computer, in HD, headphones on, volume turned up, you’ll be glad you did.

Location: British Columbia

Skier: Sammy Carlson, Yu Sasaki, Vinzenz Keller

Filming: Brody Jones, Danny Leblanc , Wade Carroll

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