Jonathan Rollin ’21 Season Edit – Learning Curve

Jonathan Rollins just getting after it last season in the British Columbia backcountry in his 2021 season edit, ‘Learning Curve’. “From buying my first sled and having to learn to ride it, to my first season of spending more days in the backcountry than inbounds, to skiing lines in terrain like nothing I’d ever seen before. I think it’s safe to say last season felt like one big learning curve.” Looks like he learned pretty damn fast. Now this is why you buy a sled! From big lines, to massive drops, playful booters, and the flowiest of pillow lines; Jonathan shows his versatility in the backcountry and will for sure get you fired up for the season. Toss it on a big screen and turn the volume up, one of our favorite season edits we’ve seen so far this year.

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