Chippis – A Short Film by Elias Henderson

A short film produced by Elias Henderson featuring himself and friends as they got after it last season in Tromsö, Norway, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia and Valais, Switzerland. The crew scores deep pow, big lines, cliffs, booters and a bit of urban to mix it up. Fun to watch these guys bring a little freestyle into the backcountry! And always great to have a mix of skiers and boarders. Freeriding starts at the 3:50 mark

Riders: Elias Henderson, Ilkka Grönberg, Mikko Jaakkola, Laura Nevala, Håvard Sundby, Fred Inge Guttormsen, Mikael Fossbakk, Sindre Holtet, Joel Burman, Johan Kristoffers

Featured image: Elias Henderson Vimeo thumbnail 

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